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About 5CHC

We're Here to Lend a Helping Hand.

About 5CHC

“Let perseverance be your engine and hope your fuel.” 

– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

We are The 5Cities Homeless Coalition and We’re Here to Lend a Helping Hand. At 5CHC, we work hard to service families and individuals by providing the resources, support, and hope that they need to become self-sufficient, productive community members. Planning how best to address the needs of the homeless in South San Luis Obispo County today involves many caring citizens and community leaders, and we are taking a collaborative approach to meet the challenge.

Prior to our collaborative efforts, a loose network of service providers existed.  Communicating and coordinating services through this network required time and energy, but this was a role the Coalition adopted and is actively working to fill. The backbone of the 5Cities Homeless Coalition is our strength in channeling community resources, volunteers, and donor assets to meet the needs of the homeless population through existing and new programs. 

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